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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 19:12

under-constructionGimpy by Grace is undergoing some exciting revisions and will be out of commission temporarily.

I am excited about the changes we are making. Let me give you a quick preview:


FIRST - We have a new vision for this website. It is becoming a place  for sharing what it means to be Real about Faith.... The conversation begins this way (fill in your own blank) : It's all fun and games - until somebody looses a ____________.... Then it is time to get Real about Faith

SECOND - I have invited different voices to speak to the issue of faith in the midst of personal challenges and brokenness. I am excited to share this platform with others who "get" what it means to be Real about Faith. These folks are friends I have met along my journey and their life experiences have inspired me and given me perspective for my own life. I pray they are the same gift to you.

under-construction3THIRD - I will continue to contribute blogs to this site. I love it when you let me know what you think about our work here - so please stay in touch.
FINALLY - I will be placing the majority of the information about my professional life - speaking, teaching, preaching - on my personal site: www.paulasturgeon.com. It would be quite all right with me if you bookmark both sites. See you soon......


roseUntil then - here's a question - what's the significance of the rose on the site..............You will have to wait and see.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 19:26
Monday, 11 January 2010 19:04

Let’s just put the truth out there at the beginning. The one who’s been away from this blog is I. I’m not much different than the rest of the world in that I awake each day with great intentions. Yes, grand intentions for faithfully writing and sharing my own journey. While my intentions may be honorable, my work product has been nearly nonexistent.

Oh, to be sure, I can come up with lots of reasons and even justifications for missing my intended goals. As I sit here writing however, I am forced to recall the words of an old friend. David, is a corporate trainer whose classes I attended in the late 1980s. (Yes I can sort of remember back that far) He suggested that when we are compiling our reasons for missing our goals we remember this simple truth: “In life we have either our results or are reasons why not. Reasons or Results. Argue for your reasons and they are yours. Work for your results and they are yours.”

Sometimes, I really didn’t want to hear this from him, but it seems amazingly applicable to me today.

So rather than argue for my reasons, I hereby recommit to this website and to blogging my faith journey. I believe God has given me a story to tell and it would be inappropriate and disrespectful to Him who gave it not to tell it.

So I say welcome back to you the reader. I pray that my blog will be thought-provoking, occasionally funny and most of all inspirational.

And I boldly say to Paula: welcome back to the work God has given you.


Last Updated on Thursday, 21 January 2010 16:37
Grace and Peace PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 August 2008 06:30

paulaGrace and Peace to you – this is the gift we carry in our hearts – from God, our Father, and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This traditional apostolic greeting is the best way that I know of to welcome you to my website. It is a way in which we acknowledge one another as children of God. In so doing we lean heavily into God’s  grace and the peace that can come from no lesser source.

My intentions for this website are two-fold. The primary purpose is to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ in this 21st century medium. My blog will be a way in which I can share my personal journey of faith. Your comments and feedback are appreciated. Please let me know the kinds of things that interest you and I will endeavor to faithfully respond. As well, we will post excerpts from sermons and speeches so that when the written word fails me (as it often does) I will be able to share the words that God has given me to proclaim.

Secondarily, there is information on this site about me and the people who love and support me. My mother, Mary Lee Sturgeon will have her own page and occasional blog updates. Her love and wisdom have been guiding forces in my life. My prayer is that they bless you as well. Should you be interested in bringing me to speak to a group, there is information on how that process works. There are also some of my favorite links; I hope you will check those folks as well.

Gimpy by Grace – and Well in the Lord,

Paula Sturgeon
Last Updated on Friday, 05 December 2008 08:53