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Happy Birthday to ME! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 January 2010 11:45

I suppose it is a bit unseemly for someone of my age to get so excited about a birthday. But I gotta tell you my friends, I have had a blast this week. My birthday was the 19th January. That day, my mother fixed a big pot of chili, my sister baked her famous cherry and pecan pies and our friends from the neighborhood joined us. On the next day, my HAG sisters took me out for Chinese food. Two great days of celebration!

When did it become necessary for a woman to avoid her birthday? What is going own in our culture when we want to deny our age? Oh certainly, I would love to look like I looked when I was 30 years old but I certainly don’t want to be 30 years old again.

I am proud of every year. Each is a precious gift from God. My life has been replete with high points and low ones as well. Through them all the constant has been a loving and gracious God. By his grace I survived some and thrived through most. This is the nature of life.

I will share with you an example. One of my lowest points came back in the mid-1990s. After many months of wrestling with God’s calling the pieces were in place for me to begin study for ordained ministry. Prior to my move to Iowa, I had some body and fender repair needed for my body. Everything changed in an instant when my wonderful surgeon accidentally cut the radial nerve in my left arm. This injury made it impossible for me to live independently. My dream of seminary and the ordained ministry were gone. ( I speak at length about the situation in my upcoming book. Stay tuned.)

When my life appeared to have lost its meaning and my career dreams were lost God sent young miracles into my life. I was invited to be part of a renewed and revitalized confirmation program at my home parish. I didn’t really want to work with the junior high aged young people. But I really didn’t want to say no to my friend Tonya.

In the ensuing years those young people worked God’s miracle on my heart. They reminded me that I still had work to do in God Kingdom. I shall forever be grateful to them (and their parents) for allowing me to be a part of their lives.

Those young people are now adults with children of their own. On my birthday, I was visited by Wiley (one of those former students), his wife Meggen and baby daughter Nola. It was the greatest gift I received.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to see many of those young people grow into fine parents. Others continue to grow into adulthood in beautiful and wonderful ways. I share these two pictures, but could share so many more, to remind you why birthdays are fabulous.


Bryn and her sons Ty and Bo


Paula, Nola, Meggen and Wiley

Celebrate - every day my friends - like it was your birthday! Till next time...

Still Gimpy by Grace and Well in the Lord

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