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Blogging from Bed PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 February 2010 10:09

Forty plus major surgeries and I am completely leveled by an Upper Respiratory Infection. For two weeks I have been either in bed or out in the world infecting others. It has not been a pretty sight.

I have moaned and pleaded “Oh Lord, help me” more often than I am comfortable admitting. There is a part of me that is certain that our sweet Lord is saying something like: ‘Knock it off - it is just a giant head cold’. I have so many more important things which require my attention.  Oh and by the way - so do you!’

So I am wondering - why we are so readily drawn into complaining about the relatively little things of our lives? I have known people who have dealt with tremendous challenges with a sense of determination, resolution, even with a smile. And I have known others who have, on the whole, great lives and complain mightily about the smallest stuff. I wonder what it is in each of us that leads to such disparate reactions.

I know this past week I have fallen into that second group.  I will also confess that I, am not much fun to be around when I do. Sometimes I feel that since I handle the big stuff of my life with a generally positive attitude I shouldn’t have to handle the small stuff.  Yikes - there’s a serious glimpse into my all too human persona.

Why should I have to deal with a head cold? I have an arthritic body - why should I have to deal with any more than that?

Enough flailing.  My head is today clear enough to answer these questions. The answer is simple and direct.  Why not?  Our health - to whatever degree we have it - is just a part of our human condition. Be it a head cold (thankfully) or something serious like cancer, sickness is a reality in our lives.  Every bit as much as health. Yes there are things we can do to care for our bodies but at some point they all break down.  They weren’t made to last forever in this state.

But here is my original question - why is it easier to handle the big stuff than it is to handle the small stuff?  This answer is actually just as simple.  In times of great stress, like major illness or injury, we SEEK God. We LEAN on God. We are AWARE that with God we are not alone.

We SEEK God for comfort and strength that otherwise seems beyond our reach. We SEEK Him for understanding and assurance.

We LEAN on God because we are aware that we cannot stand alone. We LEAN into the comfort of His embrace, when there is no other comfort to be found.

And when we are AWARE of God’s presence, we journey forth in the company of an everlasting loving which sustains us.  We face nothing alone, for He is with us.

Today I am grateful that the virus is on its way into oblivion and that I am breathing much easier.  I have given up on over-the-counter remedies and turned toward the Great Physician - who has promised me the same love - in big and little stuff!

Continuing to heal...


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